Using XMPP with Raspberry Pi GPIO (with Node-RED)

Hi, I’m assigned with a project to compare the performances of several smart home IoT (with RPi GPIO) protocols, one of them being XMPP, and now I'm trying to integrate XMPP with GPIO and Home Assistant. One of the tips I got to realize that is Iusing Node-RED to take the messages from XMPP and translate them to MQTT to trigger things from chatting to a bot.

And so far I’ve created this in Node-RED, but I’d show one for a GPIO relay, and one for a sensor.

What should I do next here to realize the XMPP IoT of taking XMPP messages and translating them to MQTT (using “node-red-node-xmpp”?), where to put the XMPP and MQTT nodes there?

Anyone can help?

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