Values flickers


I have a data point in ioBroker that shows the online status. Apparently this is set to FALSE before the start of the check and is then TRUE a few milliseconds later.

Is there already a node which remembers the "old" value and only reports the value when it remains stable for 1s?

A debounce node should work...

How about the built in smooth node?

Use the iobroker IN Node, sending messages only when value changes in combination with a trigger node, sending nothing at start, then after 1s sending the original message and prolonging the time period when new messages arrive.

However I think that it is better to send the newest message object.

If you data point is FALSE and then remains TRUE then I would guess the TRUE is the correct value and not FALSE. But you can handle this as you want. The trigger node is one of the most powerful and smart nodes in the system. :wink:

I can't see any advantage of the debounce nodes when the trigger node - as one of the core nodes provide the same functionality.

Thank you for the many suggestions, I have also looked at all. And the debouncer is already what I'm looking for.
I want to be informed when the device goes offline or when it then goes back online. Now it is "annoying" if it reports that it goes offline and then immediately online again :smiley: but the debouncer would now suppress the offline and send an online. but I can still solve that now with an RBE node to avoid duplications.

@gerry The Smooth node would be able to solve this in the same way.

@mickym2 with the trigger I would have the "problem" that I would have to find out the type (offline, online). there the two other solutions are probably smarter.


I don't believe that is correct. Configure the trigger node to Send Nothing, then Wait for 1 Second (or whatever is appropriate), then Send the Latest Message. That should behave the same as the Debounce node.


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