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Hello folks,

I am trying to compare a number of message properties in a function node and would like to do this with variables rather than repeating each object path. The trouble I am having is that I can't work out how to build the variables into the object path.

What I have so far is:

var current = "v_hallightgrp";
var target = "c_lightnight";

//compare brightness
if (msg.payload.+current+.brightness !== msg.payload.+target+.brightness) {

This is throwing an error. I know putting it in quotes isn't the answer as that converts the object paths to strings. Thanks in advance for your help!

Strings defined correctly for variables (thanks Johannes)

You can use a variable as an object key by putting it in square brackets. For example

const key = "test";
msg.payload = msg.payload[key];
return msg;

Would return msg.payload.test as the msg.payload.




Where did you define v_hallightgrp and c_lightnight or did you mean them to be strings? Because the way you wrote it above without " before and after is trying to reference a variable of the name v_hallightgrp that in itself would have to be defined somewhere.

That should be
if (msg.payload[current].brightness !== msg.payload[target].brightness) {
The dot syntax is a shorthand for the square bracket notation, so the above line is actually a shorthand way of writing
if (msg["payload"][current]["brightness"] !== ....

Thank you Johannes and Colin. I've tested and got it working now. Much obliged.

Joannes, well spotted, I meant them to be strings. I've edited the OP so as to help others in the future.

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