Version v0.18.7 + Modbus

Modbus communication can not be selected for this version AND modbus does not appear

As far as I am aware there are no modbus nodes that come pre-installed in the standard version of Node-RED.

Where are you running Node-RED are you sure the node you are looking for isnā€™t one you installed yourself?

I setup raspbian in raspberry pi rasbian has already node red but modbus does not appear

If it is the pre-installed version of Node-RED you are using an old version.

You need to flow the instructions here

The version latest version v0.18.7

OK so you have the latest version of Node-RED.

No Modbus nodes are installed by default you need to install them.

If it fails to install what does it say in the logs?

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pi@raspberrypi:~ node -v v10.4.1 pi@raspberrypi:~ npm -v

@Hasan what steps have you taken to install the modbus nodes? They are not part of the default install of Node-RED - you have to install them yourself.

ı setup just raspberry pi 3.
node red is already inside rasbian
please help following roots for node red

Node-RED does not come with anything related to modbus pre-installed.

If you want to do something with modbus you need to install some modbus nodes into Node-RED.

The first step is to identify what nodes you want to install. If you search the Flow Library for modbus youā€™ll find a few different sets of nodes available:

For example:

To install that, you can either use the ā€˜Manage Paletteā€™ option in the node-red editor, or run the command npm install node-red-contrib-modbus in the directory /home/pi/.node-red and then restart Node-RED.

Also, the version of node red in raspbian is out of date. Update to the latest using the technique in