Very slow dashboard on rasberrypi 4

nodered and kismet is running on pi
i have 15 tabs.
6 charts(graphs) in 1 tab.
x axis is last 1 hours

first it's ok. not slow
About an hour later, The dashboard displays tabs too slowly.

i checked CPU. sometimes over 100% in minutes.

Hello and welcome to the forum.

Clearly something is spiking the CPU, but it could be almost anything and is (almost) impossible for anyone to say why with this low level of detail.

Is this your first time using Node-red??

What versions of everything are you using?

What are you monitoring?

What does your flow look like ?

Are you using debug nodes, if so are you seeing any errors?

Have you tried disabling some of your flow activities (whatever they are) to see what, if anything, changes.

And so on...

It is most likely the charts. How often are you adding data to each. Even if set to one hour history you probably don't want more than about 300 points each, so one every 12 secs or so.


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