Viewing Node-RED flows externally (Is it possble?)

Hi all,

I am looking for a way to view Node-RED flows externally.
The format is not specific, as long as I can see them visually.
It could be a read-only version of the node-red editor (if possible), or at the very least, an image.

(1) For now, I haven't gone into the read-only version as it seems complex, not sure where to start.
I only know that I can retrieve details via the GET /flows node-red API.

(2) Currently, I'm exploring screen captures but unfortunately, no dice.
I tried using this node: node-red-web-contrib-web-page-screenshot

with the following url value: http://localhost:1880/#flow/[FLOW ID]

but the image I get is just blank:

Currently I'm trying to investigate on other options.

With all that said, is this even possible?

Does the screenshot node support adding a waiting time for the page to load? It seems to use Puppeteer in the background and I just today successfully took a screenshot of my flows with it. It just required few seconds of wait time for the flows to load, otherwise I got the same empty screen.

See my comment here FTP static dashboard to web server

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Not quite sure that it does.
But awesome man! Thanks for this, I think I can move forward with this info

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Have you tried to use user authentication and setup a user with only read permissions?
He still CAN change the flows, but CANNOT save or deploy them.


Hi stefan24!

Thanks for your input.

For now there's no need for user authentication as the goal of this QA is to find a way to view Node-RED flows externally (from another web application, not the node-red editor itself).

But thank you!

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