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I'm still very much on the learning curve of using Node-Red and Vue.js but now I have the basics I am trying to work out how to add a vlc media player to my index.html, index.js files and don't know where to start. Has anyone got an example of how to get this working?

Many thanks

VLC does not (cannot) run in a web page.

What are you trying to achieve?

If you have a search in the forum, you will find that I not so long ago provided some examples of a media player embedded into a uibuilder page, it worked well.

In essence I am trying to view a number of RTSP streams from 5 IP cameras as part of a security and monitoring project and know that previously there was a vlc plug in but that is no longer an option so wasn't sure if there was anything that replaced it.

I'm also using Shinobi to capture the streams on a Jetson Nano and this is working really well and have successfuly used the video tag in uibuilder index.html to connect to this the only issue is the added delay so was looking for options to connect directly to the cameras RTSP streams and always been impressed with VLC hence the question.

You need to find a browser library that will connect directly, then you can add that to your page and all should be good.

Then you really should look into this thread: [beta testing] nodes for live streaming mp4

@kevinGodell has developed fantastic nodes for this purpose, to present live stream video in the Node-RED dashboard. Now also, brand new, with recording features, discussed in this thread: Storing video as mp4

If I have understood it correctly, Kevin has contributed with major features to Shinobi. Like the official motion detection engine and much more

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Thanks very much @krambriw the link is really useful and looks like has the component parts I need to connect everything together. I have just got HLS.js working to make the m3u8 stream from Shinobi work in my browser video tag.

Thanks to everyone who has responded much appreciated.


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