Wait until two states

Hope to get help! How to configure wait until node an entity appears not_home or unavailable. One of two states.

Use two switch nodes in parallel rules connected to same node. Brain not engaged yet need coffee.

One switch node can have two outputs. Just wire them to the same place.

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Yes! But how can "wait until" effect?

Edit: I have no idea why I mentioned Docker. Corrected!

Are you using Docker Home Assistant?

I get the impression that entities in Docker Home Assistant have a continuously available status, while in Node-red an entity exists only in a message which passes through the flow and is gone.

So everything about Node-red is "wait until" - it only does anything at all when a message arrives.

Clearly there are ways to make the two models work together, but without more information about your flow I can't see how to advise you.

Yes! I see. I am using using Docker Home Assistant?