Warning about Clone - Node Crash 'FATAL ERROR: v8::Object::SetInternalField() Internal field out of bounds'

Had some fun with Node 12.10.0 and Node-Red 1.0.1 today.
Again, clone comes back to haunt me.

Beware - if you have anything illicit in your messages (like a Pipe, or a Socket), you could end up with NodeJS crashing out because the message is not cloneable. (my issue was a ChildProcess).
Node-Red at it's heart avoids cloning certain things (req and res, related to http) in messages - and the below PR could make that much easier in the NR code.

I've added a PR to clone to help control these kinds of issues, and to at least prevent crashes:

If you think they may affect you, please give it a smiley face!


latest one was a child process reference in a message :(.