Watson IoT Platform to Node Red local


I am trying to receive event data publish to WIoTP using node-red on a local server. I try both IBM IoT in node and the mqtt in node but either work.

My configuration using IoT in node is Authentication as "API Key". In the API Key settings, for API Key, I used the key that generated from the Watson Iot platform; in API Token, the token that got generated with the API Key; in the server-name is org_id.messaging.internetofthings.ibmcloud.com. I also deactivate clean session.

Configuration for mqqt in node is org_id.messaging.internetofthings.ibmcloud.com. Port 1883. MQTT V3.1.1 for Protocol and client ID is d:org.id:<deviceType:

I also try take a look at thes two case but none seem to work mqttinnode iotinnode

I don't know what would be the issue since I also used the iot in node in Node-Red on IBM cloud and it work fine.

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