Way to send full msg to other instance in other Team


When runing NR under FlowFuse there is a perfect way for sending full msg's between instances that are in the same team using Project nodes.

For sending msg's between instances that are not in the same team (but do make use of the same "backbone" logic in our environment) we're currently using TCP nodes. Drawback of this is that everything that needs to be sent needs to be moved under msg.payload, for both send and return. And for clarity's sake: be moved from msg.payload to msg root in the TCP "subroutine".
This makes the entire flow much more unreadable and needing much more Change nodes.
I've also looked at MQTT as an alternative, and while that obviously does have some advantages over using a simple TCP connection, this appears to have the same "drawback": only msg.payload is sent.

Is there a reliable way to send the full msg to another instance in another Team, so that there is no need to move all info that is needed to msg.payload?
Or are there any other solutions to this problem I'm not aware of?