Web service with NTLM auth

Good morning,
i need to consume a SOAP web service with NTLM authentication. Is there a way for doing this easily in node-red? in the soap request module i cannot see this type of authentication...
do i have to write my own function?
thanks, kind regards

NTLM authentication is generally not recommended for web apps and API's except for pure Microsoft stacks and on secure local networks (not the Internet) due to lack of support and systemic weaknesses in the authentication and authorisation methods.

I know of know way to do it personally unless you are using an all Microsoft stack (there may be ways, I don't really have the experience).

One possible way would be to use a local authenticating proxy. I've used that in the past when a corporate infrastructure used an NTLM authenticated corporate proxy. The local proxy can be configured to pass the NTLM authentication. Been a long time though since I had to do that since such authentication is rarely used these days. Indeed, so long ago that the notes for it have fallen off the back of my OneNote notebooks.

Thank you for your feedback, first.
Indeed this is an internal service, not exposed to internet,
May i ask you which software you used in the past for set-up the authenticating proxy?
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I knew you'd ask that! That's why I added the comment about my notes - it appears that the info is in a notebook that I'm no longer actively using.

Let me see if I can find something ... Ah, got it, I've used this previously - cntlm. But this google search may throw up some possible alternatives.