Web-worldmap cutomization

Hi @dceejay ,
1.Thanks for this world map node. This is so wonderful node to use.
2. I have question about action=click payload. Currently, when we click the marker on the map, we will get the payload of :
3. In my map design, i include context menu properties like this-> contextmenu:'<button name=$name onclick='feedback(this.name)'>Clear'. Thus, this will give me a button popup.
4.When i right click the button popup, i get this payload -> {"action":"feedback","name":"KVDC"}. This payload is very limited without having info of lat and long, since i need these 3 info (name,lat,long) so that i can pass to my delete function to delete the marker.
5. Can you advice me how to get the complete info (name,lat,long), when i right click my button popup?

Thanks for your help in advance.


Yes - makes sense. Added to version 2.5.1

Hi @dceejay.
Thanks for this upgrade. However, I found some glitch with this right click button.
The issue here is, if my marker is having a long name e.g (Smith Anderson School), that right click action seem not trigger any payload. However, if I change it to its abbreviation e.g (SAS), the right click action give us the required payload which are :
{"action":"feedback","name":"SAS","layer":"unknown","lat":2.946833,"lon":101.711689} . Can you advice how do we solve this glitch?

Can you provide a failing example thanks.

Hi @dceejay

I solve the above problem by changing the naming format. Instead of naming it as Smith Anderson School, I changed to Smith-Anderson-School and with this the right click action give us the required payload e.g (name,lat,long) and can be sent to delete function and this will resulted the deletion of marker from the map.


Hi - I just tried it with a simple name with a space and the payload came back containing the name as expected... so If it really isn't working for you I'd like to understand why.

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