Websocket & cookie


I'm trying to connect to a websocket that requires a session cookie in the header for authentication. Is this on the roadmap for the core websocket, worthy of a feature request in github, or a custom node I have to write based on the core code?



Hi - this is not something on the roadmap as this is the first time it has been requested. Happy to entertain a discussion on how such an option could be exposed on the node. It is unlikely to be a feature we'd drop everything to do right now - but with the right design in place, we'd then happily review a pull-request.


Something I can't do right now either - the websocket is wss, and my environment is the homeassistant node-red addon with version 8.x of node.js. This combination gives me EPROTO errors until they update to node.js 10.x.

Will have to spin up a node-red dev environment so I can do some work on it.

Thanks for replying and letting me know the situation.


You might have a look at uibuilder. I tried to add some of this there but it has never really been tested.