Websocket problems when IP changes

I am struggling with the websocket node. I am running a self hosted instance of Gotify server (comparable to Pushover, but selfhosted; https://gotify.net/) in a Docker container. To reveice incoming messages via the Gotify API in Node-Red, I use the "websocket in" node. The Gotify server is running on an external vserver, Node-Red is running at home. Everything works fine so far.

BUT: My internet provider assigns me a new IP every day early morning. And then the problem occurs: I am not receiving any new messages after that in Node-Red. The "websocket in" node still claims to be connected, but there are no messages coming through. But the Gotify smartphone app, which also relies on websocket, is working fine all the time, messages are shown immediately.

As soon as I change something in the "websocket client node" and deploy again, the "websocket in" node starts to work again and messages are coming in.

So why is the node claiming to be connected when it is actually not? Is there a way to restart the websocket connection? Or is there any other option in order to keep the "websocket in" node working even after that IP has changed?

Really nobody? I cannot believe that I am the only one facing this problem ...

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