Websocket with Node-RED and reverse proxy

following the indication that I got in this great forum, I installed in my Raspberry a reverse proxy, NGINX Proxy Manager to act as a SSL termination.

In NGINX Proxy Manager I have created a new proxy host and to "connect" with the Lighttpd webserver.

In my network then I have a Lighttpd Webserver that talks to Node-RED via Websocket and everything works well from within the LAN.

The problem I have is if I try to access via the hostname from the outside, Safari warns about the fact that it cannot open an insecure Websocket connection.

I cannot understand it as all traffic in the LAN is insecure.

I know this issue is not 100% pertaining to Node-RED but I cannot find a solution so maybe some can help me.


You need to think about the path that people are taking through to node-red.

Ideally, you should only use a single web server as it makes things a lot simpler. NGINX can do everything that lighttpd can do and more - though I recognise it might be a bit of a pain to transfer. Similarly, lighttpd can proxy as well via its addin.

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