What is handle as stream check box in split not does?

I was trying to understand the split node and I stumbled up on this option check box which mentions "handle as stream" for splitting a string.

Could anyone share me an example for understanding this feature of split node.

Easiest way it to try it & read the built in help...

Im not saying you - but a lot of people dont know about the build in help.

Hope that - erm - helps :slight_smile:

Thanks @Steve-Mcl .

My bad . Haven't noticed the help on the info section and was looking all around the world for explaination. :slight_smile:

Honesty, at times I wonder should I say something - surely people have noticed the built in help? Turns out I am wrong and they didn't notice it.

Not sure how it could be made more prominent or obvious TBH - any ideas?

Glad it helped anyhow.

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Hopefully the new separate help info tab in 1.1 may help.... but still can't force people to read it.


I'm gonna do an intro.js job on my node-red fork - see what it looks like haha

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