Where are the node-red modules located?

Hi, I want to know the directory of node-red modules installed from the palette for backup.

Nodes are installed under the Node-RED user directory. By default that will be ~/.node-red/.

That directory contains your node-red settings file, flow files and package.json which lists all modules that have been installed. You don't need to back-up the module files themselves as long as you backup the package.json file.


So, upon restoring a backup, how do you tell the package.json to restore the packages. What is the process.

You run npm install in the directory containing package.json and all of the modules will be reinstalled.


I am currently trying to sync the flows over onedrive so that I can use and continue to develop over multiple computers on the go.

I have a few OSes that I use like ubuntu and kali (in vbox being mounted from windows), and windows and I intended to keep all the flows in one place without copying and pasting back and forth.

So I want to know if it is possible to also sync the modules and flows or just mount the ./node-red folder.

It isn't recommended to sync modules directories between machines. Some of the modules may have binary components that will be OS/architecture dependant.

Is it possible between the same OS and architecture
say between windows 10 64 bit laptop and pc?

If everything matches then maybe. You'd have to try it out.

currently syncing it and will update if I find it working or any issue with it. Thank you so much!

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