Which node do I use to get the "Week number" (of the year)

Today's problem:

I need the week number.
I'm sure I have seen it mentioned somewhere.
Someone - please.

Found it.

ww for week.

For everyone else's sake, if you are using the moment node, there is a link in the help panel to MomentJS's documentation.

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Yeah, ok. Calm down.

I did post that I found the answer.

I think that you misunderstood the tone of my response. All I was trying to do was add the explanation so that other people would know the answer in the future.

I thought that would have sufficed for explaining the answer.

(Kind of only just got up and turned on computer. I still may not have completed boot sequence.)

not really - when your original question was "which node do I use..." and then your answer didn't say which node you used... all Julian did was add the name.





(I am told I say that too much and when I try to not say it all I seem to do is make more mistakes and make a mess of things.)

It isn't I don't want to be wrong. It is just how I think. Differently is one way of putting it.

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