Which Shelly Devices report current AC Voltage over MQTT?

Afternoon All,

Looking to make a return to my home automation projects, with a soft start looking at monitoring current AC Voltage.

I was looking at either " Shelly 1 Mini Gen3" or " Shelly PM Mini Gen3". Regardless of device choice it will be mounted into an enclosure and connected to the mains on through a standard UK three pin socket. No load will be attached.


If no load then an Athom plug (pre flashed with Tasmota) or similar would do the job.

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@ghayne supply to the UK looks a little dubious. Their shipping info page says something alng the line of; if an international shipped item hets lost you shouldn't seak a refund!

That said, an address isn't forthcoming n the shelly store site either, so that could also be either international shipped or a drop shop.

Beg their pardon. Shelly Store is a trading name for "Advanced IOT Ltd" who have an address at " 158 Cromwell Road, Salford". That's just the accountants though.

I've had a response to my support quiry to Shelly Store. The plain switches do not report voltage, you need a "PM" device for that.

But why connect a plug to a Shelly in an enclosure when an energy measuring smart plug will do the job? I have bought Athom plugs in the past, they do deliver to the UK.

@DocPrinter Theres always AliExpress...
Ā£10.57 - free delivery.


@ghayne Garry, is this the same model as your link? Matter??

Looks like, it says "Matter" in the description too.

I use a lot of these prefalshed with Tasmota (i am in Oz) - their storefronts for each country are just a front for their Aliexpress setup and warranty issues are not handled well - having said that - of the 10 odd that i have here that have been purchased over the last two years i have only had one failure.

They are great under light load - the one failure was on a clothes dryer which pulls 8amp for an hour or so at a time each cycle.

They have inbuilt calibration and voltage is calculated very accurately (based on a cross check with my sons very expensive Fluke)


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