Why does the AND not work

i don´t know.

Ok, I’ll repeat the questions I asked before

  1. put a debug node on the output of each node in your flow, check off the system console option and name the debug nodes (to make it easy to see what data came from what node)
  2. run the flow
  3. copy the output from the log and paste it to a reply

You might also want to look at the output and see if each node is outputting what you expect and if it isn’t, look at that node and ask yourself why isn’t it doing what I want it to do.

Remember computers are are very mean and do what we tell them to do but not necessarily what we want them to do :rofl:


In one of your Change nodes set msg.topic to "zimmerrechts" and in the other set it to "zimmerlinks".

Now does the message pass through the AND node?

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BINGO Thnx a lot it runs

This why you should read the help tab for the nodes you are using. They contain a lot of good information.

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