Why i get error if I am using const?

I get this error in module after node-red upgrade

'const' is available in es6 (use 'esversion 6') or mozilla js extensions (use moz)

pls help me

You will need to give us a clue as to where you are seeing that error and what you are trying to do.

What version of Node-RED and Node.js are you using?

Thanks for express answer


This is an ACE issue. (EDIT: Or rather more likely how that node uses ACE)

If you upgrade to latest node-red you can use the Monaco editor...


What is it about that particular example that causes the problem? I can use const with ACE without issues.

It will probably be related to the instantiation parameters of the ACE editor by that node. (I haven't looked)

I don't have Monaco editor in v1.3.4

:point_down: important bit :point_down:

OK, thanks.

I was try latest release, but i have a lot of issue other flows and modules. I was able to reduce with this release

I m tired :frowning:

You didn't say what version of Node.js you were using. That is also important.



No, that is the version of Node-RED. The version of Node.js is shown in the Node-RED log when you start Node-RED.

node -v




This is why you get problems with node-red 2.x

Node-red 2.x requires nodejs V12 minimum.

PS nodejs v8 is VERY OLD / unsupported as of December 31, 2019

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