Will node-red work on MINT?

I seem to have painted myself into a cornet - at which I am good at doing.

I am running Ubuntu 21.04 and it seems that they have wiped their hands of it completely.

It is becoming harder to get things for it - 21.04.

So I need to move on. But do I want to stay with Ubuntu or go to Mint?
One huge factor is what Apps are common between the two flavors.

As I am a big NR user, that is a key consideration.
When I did a search I didn't really get a vague answer.

If you are on a Raspberry Pi or any Debian-based operating system, including Ubuntu and Diet-Pi, you can use the Pi install script available here. If you are on an RPM-based operating system, including RedHat, Fedora and CentOS, you can use the RPM install script available here.

As Mint is a Ubuntu base..... Is it ok?
Will it used the same install script?
Though I want to be sure.


First you want to look at the Ubuntu xx.10 releases, these are their LTS (long term support) builds.

Mint releases appear to be based on Ubuntu LTS releases

But to answer the first question, yes it will just work

errr - I think it is the .04 ones that are LTS - 20.04 22.04 etc... but yes any of the LTS ones is good... (my personal preference is Ubuntu Mate 22.04 - which has (IMHO the simpler gnome based UI... and there is a version for Pi etc if you feel that way inclined also)... but yes Mint works fine. The default "Pi" install script will work on any of the Debian / Ubuntu / Pi variants of operating system.

If you just want to upgrade the OS then the command sudo do-release-upgrade should be all you need (and some patience as it takes a while).

Thanks both.

I am still learning Linux. (Which ever flavor)

I seem to remember starting with Bionic Bever and went though a few LTS updates.
Each had its own set of trade offs of good and bad. I get that.

A few things happened with going to HH - the latest version - and I tried to keep up to date with things.
Then suddenly: HH is just discontinued. Gone. Not that long since I installed it.
I asked on forums and got a reply basically saying "it is now not supported, we don't care and won't help you until you update to the latest version".
(And I thought MS support was good)

So I'm torn with continuing using this flavour or switching to another one.
(Yeah, my problem)
This is me doing home work.

Ubuntu releases and their supported dates are listed here - Releases - Ubuntu Wiki
The LTS versions are Long Term Support so will last much longer than non-LTS versions...

(Similarly nodejs even numbers are LTS (eg 12,14,16 - and odd numbers aren't - which is why we suggest using LTS ones for Node-RED).

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Ah yes, thanks.

The HH update was by mistake. (Non LTS)

I'll have to check the things with 22.04. I remember reading some good and bad things and alas I saw reasons in both for updating and not updating.

So far 22.04 seems fine to me. Though even with LTS versions I don't jump onto them straight away - I usually wait until they get at least one fixpack (which 22.04 has) .

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