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Question for the group.
I am trying to have more then one instance of Node-Red running (which I have). However, I would like to now use the options in the settings.js to get some more control, but can't seem to make it work.

Each instance of node i use the -s setting to specify the path to a settings.js. Inside those files, I have made some changes:
nodesDir: 'C:\Users\MyUserName.node-red',
userDir: 'C:\Users\MyUserName.node-red\RHI'

I believe i am nearly there. However, when Node-RED starts up, it can't find all the custom nodes.
Any ideas as to what I have done wrong.

in Command Prompt, it states that is is "Waiting for missing types to be registered". I have verfiied that the path I used in the nodesDIR section is correct (from a windows point of view), but perhaps the syntax is not correct for node?

I can correct this by copying the entire folder to the userdir...but now I would have duplicates.

How do I get Node-red to look at the folder I want to find all my "custom" nodes (such as the dashboard addon).

Thanks all.

The nodesDir is a somewhat-legacy setting for nodes that are not properly packaged as npm modules.

I don't think we have quite the right collection of settings available to do exactly what you want. The working assumption is each instance gets its own userDir and loads its nodes from there.

We should think about adding a setting that supports what you want to do - or updating nodesDir to do what you thought it would.

I am using this approach to run multiple instances: Multiple node red instances

Can be adopted to Windows as well.

One of the advantages is, that you can have a different set of custom nodes and Node-RED versions per workspace, which can be upgraded independently.

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