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Question for the group.
I am trying to have more then one instance of Node-Red running (which I have). However, I would like to now use the options in the settings.js to get some more control, but can't seem to make it work.

Each instance of node i use the -s setting to specify the path to a settings.js. Inside those files, I have made some changes:
nodesDir: 'C:\Users\MyUserName.node-red',
userDir: 'C:\Users\MyUserName.node-red\RHI'

I believe i am nearly there. However, when Node-RED starts up, it can't find all the custom nodes.
Any ideas as to what I have done wrong.

in Command Prompt, it states that is is "Waiting for missing types to be registered". I have verfiied that the path I used in the nodesDIR section is correct (from a windows point of view), but perhaps the syntax is not correct for node?

Maybe try escaping the \ with another \ eg. c:\Users\... etc. Or use / instead (windows can now cope with either)

Details here:

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