Workspace contains some nodes that are not properly configured

I upgrade my flows to Node-Red 2.2.2
Now I get this attached message.
I cannot see any problems in the application. How can I identify the problematic nodes?

Update your dashboard to >= v3.1.6, then it should work again.

thanks, but I have already dashboard v3.1.6
all components are up to date
the problem still exists :frowning:

Same problem for me.
Should I remove all spacers where 0 nodes use them
I'm afraid to say but I do not know what a spacer is :blush:

Yes you can safely remove them. This issue has been thoroughly discussed

Thoroughly discussed yes but @juntiedt has 173 of them and I don't recall anyone giving a way to get rid of them en masse nor prevent them recurring, beyond upgrading to the version he already has.

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Click on one. Ctrl-A, selects them all. Hit delete

The newest dashboard fixes the problem so it shouldn't happen again

Could be, reading everyday here, but had no problems with ui_spacers until I updated node-red.
With a search I did not find an solution, only in this post someone else who had the same problem.
When I do a ctrl-A a lot of the screen turns blue (using Vivaldi)
I have made a fairly complex dashboard screen and I know that one "wrong" move destroys the complete layout.
That's why I am being very cautious with changes in the UI department.
Please direct me to one of the topics / pages that explain the removal of the offending

The workspace contains some nodes that are not properly configured:

Export your entire flow before you make any changes so you have a backup.

Hi Gerry,
I went the hard way and deleted all spacer one by one. It seemed that there were less than shown in the alarm message.
Unfortunately I had to redo 2 of my screens. One was very complex.
This in mind, deleting all spacer with ctl A means you will certainly have some work in reconfiguring your screen layouts.

In your case it seems it created additional heart ache. On my 5 pi's there was no impact on any dashboards.

[EDIT] searching for "spacer" turns up the threads about this

I'm very sorry to say that I do not know how to find the offending nodes or tabs or pages.
Using node-red for 2 years now, never had this warning, appeared after an last update.
Have a basic understanding of node-red and running my home automation with it, just simple only node-red as interface.

I just want to now how do I find where the "spacer x (ui_spacer)" is.
The warning is there, but there are far over the 100 uit_spacers in the right side bar under different tabs , witch one are wrong, and what is wrong with them
If I do not know what nodes are not properly configured, how can I make the configuration correct?
Sorry to look like a lost soul, but I am.
For me the warning reads "there are lots of nodes wrong, have a nice day"
Not very helpful for me

The workspace contains some nodes that are not properly configured:

  • [unassigned] Settings (ui_group)
  • spacer x (ui_spacer)
  • spacer x (ui_spacer)
  • spacer x (ui_spacer)
  • spacer x (ui_spacer)
    • 24 more

Are you sure you want to deploy?

Have you tried CTRL+F


Have you looked in unused config nodes

Yes there are a lot "spacer x" an a lot of spacer 1x1 6x1 2x1 etc
But I see no warning of some kind that gives a clue.
Unused mean I must delete them?.
And my careful crafted complex dashboard wil not end in a mess?

Copy your carefully crafted complex flows before you mess with them!

Of course you have regular and robust backups. Don't we all? :blush:

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We have, as usual, reading this board for 2 years, besides other software boards.
And we are after 40+ years working with computers not completely ignorant about backups.
So procedure :
copy flow,
remove a spacer,
check your dashboard carefully,
rinse and repeat.

Looks very tedious task.
And if you remove all in once and check you wil not know witch spacer you better had left untouched.

Yes, imho it's a serious and hard to reproduce bug, let's hope it has been successfully squashed with the latest NR and dashboard releases.

However that test will only take two minutes to do and you may find that the layout is only slightly messed up, so it is worth trying that first. You can always go back to the original flow to start again.

And that's how I will proceed this weekend. :worried:

Managed it in 2 hours and 5 restarts.
Removed things I never made, or knowing what they did.
Just a sort of pavlov editing, this is spacer x so remove.
No joy for one who likes to know why he is doing something, I have to less knowledge of the inners of node-red/dashboard.