Worldmap Node Showing no Markers

Hi Guys,

so i am trying to view some GPS Data wich i have saved in an .CSV on a map.
Basicly the same Flow as the Example in the node-red-contrib-web-worldmap Discripton. (Earthquake Map)

So i am Downloading the CSV then i use the CSV Node to define separators after that i re pars the payload (lat: and lon:).

The Debugger that is conectetd to the function gives out Data in the right Format:

msg.payload : Object
lon: X.xxxxxxxxxxx
lat: XX.xxxxxxxxxxx
name: "Feldtest"

And the Worldmap-in Node is also Conected to a Debugger Node.

worldmap : msg.payload : Object
action: "connected"

But there are no Markers on the Map.

When i use Live Data from the Node over MQTT the Last Data point gets showen on the map.

I have looked at similar Posts on the Forum, but i couldnt find anything that was helpful.

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