Worldmap setup correctly but not plotting coordinates

I am getting started on the worldmaps node feeding JSON-formatted coordinates via serial port to the wordlmap node.

Serial port works great, monitoring the debugging window my coordinate sets come in perfectly, refreshing every second.

Comparing my setup to the provided example I can't seem to tell a different in the flow other than the example injects a coordinate set when you push a button, and mine are getting "injected" via COM port @ 1s intervals.

Screenshot below reflects important characteristics of my setup:

Ironically after fiddling for hours because node-red is a new platform for me I came across the issue in carefully analyzing my input stream.

The (Arduino) library I am using serializes the data into a string. Totally forgot about this!

Thus, the solution was to convert my serialized input data stream back into a proper JS object. See screenshot below.

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