Write a Coil in Modbus


A few words before: I new in Node-Red (and in the world of programming).
I'm, doing a little project that consist in to read a Moxa Iologik with AI (4-20mA), DI and DO; then i'm connecting the signals to ubidots.

In the AI channels i have a sensor of moisture and temperature. All ok with this in the flow and ubidots.

But in ubidots i created a switch (on/off) because i want to change the DO in the same way to activate a fan, but i have two problems:

  1. The ubidots_in node doesn't received the signal of my dashboard
  2. I put in the flow (like alternative in the mean time i resolved the issue with "ubidots_in") a modbus write node with a inject node, but only i can turn on the DO; when i push the inject node again i can't turn off.


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