Write data to Solar Inverter using NR

Hi All
New to the forum, hoping to learn much from here..
i need assistance please, i have a Sunsynk inverter connected to home assistant, via serial.
i have successfully managed to read modbus data from the inverter and create dashboards, after many weeks of work..
Next step is to write data back to the inverter to enable/disable a function on a schedule
i know the register value (244), however after many many attempts i cannot get this to work.
i can read the register value, but all my flows that try to write back seem to fail.
Please can someone show me where im going wrong. Flows below

Hi Marc18,

looking at the image you posted, I see you do not add a value field in the function. I suspect you add that in the change node? (cant tell as you didnt export the flow JSON)

If that is the case, I suspect you have the change node set wrong (it looks like it updates flow.payload not msg.payload.value)

Thanks for the reply @Steve-Mcl
so if i understand you correctly i need to change flow,payload to msg.payload.value in the change node?
this is what it currently is..

If you attach a debug node to the output of the change node - you will see the value being sent to the modbus write node does NOT contain a value property.

So yes, change that top line to msg.payload.value.

ok great thanks for the assistance, its really appreciated..i shall try that
and then anther question if i may, once the schedule has completed/ended, do i need another flow to change the setting back to original (value 2)? or can it be part of the same flow?

You can do whatever you can imagine :slight_smile:

thanks again @Steve-Mcl

Hi @Marc18,

I don't have a Sunsync invertyer, but a mate of mine does...

He mentioned something a while back...

Take a look on: www.powerforum.co.za ....

If I remember correctly, there was a user with the handle Bloubul that has done quite a bit with them...


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