Wrong socketid displayed by ui-control node


I think i have found an issue, but I'm not sure.
With the newest version of Node-Red Dashboard (3.1.2), the UI-Control node outputs the wrong Socket IDs (msg.socketid) when an event (connect, disconnect...) happens in the Dashboard.
So, if i want to send a command to a dashboard node with the socketid given by the UI-Control, nothing happens.
But if i use the socketid given by the Browser-URL of the dashboard client, everything works, and the command is only sent to this browser-session.

In an older version of the Dashboard (tested with 2.9) everything works just fine, and the ui-control Node outputs the correct socketid.

@dceejay Is this a bug or a different Behavior in this newer version that i don't understand?

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I suspect its an issue. Needs investigation

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