Wrong ui-page when deploy

I am using some pages from node red ui embedded on another system(2) using iframe.
I made a script that reloads the page every 60s so the iframe does not cache..
My problem now is that when i change anything in node red and deploy the page in the iframe in system 2 gets changed to the node red ui start page and does not reload to the correct page until i refresh my browser.. This will be a big problem since the browser will run on a smart-tv..

I use this in a template node for reload the page
In system 2 i use an iframe with http://dashboard.mycompay.se:1880/ui/#!/1
1 is my hidden tab i want to show.

if (window.top!=window.self){
    // In a Frame or IFrame

    $(document).ready(function() {
        // auto refresh page after 60 second
        setInterval('refreshPage()', 60000);
    function refreshPage() { 

  .iframed #toolbar {
    display: none;

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