X-red script does not interpret angular code



I tried to use to following code for the edit dialog of a node: https://pastebin.com/raw/TzA0Hnct
From the console logs I see that angular is defined but it does not expand the value of count, showing it like {{count}}.

What could be the problem?
Thank you!


As mentioned previously we don’t support Angular for this, so you are probably on your own for this one. Good luck.


I am not exactly sure of the meaning of "support". Is the html code for the edit dialog somehow filtered? I know that it is parsed for div id-s in the format "node-input-", but are other parts also parsed or modified? I don't see why the angular code would not be interpreted.

Thanks again for the responses!


The html of the edit dialog is dynamically added to the DOM whenever you open the edit dialog for a given node. It is then removed from the DOM when the dialog closes. I don't know anything about how angular works to suggest why it isn't working here. Have you added anything to your oneditprepare function to tell angular to do anything with the newly added content?

By 'support' we mean that as the main contributors to the node-red code we don't know the answers to your questions and it isn't something we choose to spend our time trying to figure out for you. Sorry.


Thank you for the information. I will try to experiment further to see if I can make it work. I understand that the developers team does not want to focus in this direction at the moment.

Thank you for the responses and I will surely come back with questions on other topics :slight_smile:

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