Zigbee smoke detector without events

Hello everyone,
a Zigbee stick with 4 intermediate plugs is connected to my CCU3. This works without any problems so far.

Now I am trying to integrate a Heiman Zigbee smoke detector. I have trained it and it is also displayed as a device in the controller node (Stick).
Using the Event Node (Rauchmelder Bad), I wanted to see what messages the part sends when the (test) alarm is triggered.
However, the Debug Node (msg) shows absolutely nothing.

Does anyone have an idea what I'm doing wrong here?

Choose in your debug node Show complete message

Already done. But no output.
Maybe the device is defective.

Can you show us the debug output ?

(post deleted by author)

That's my problem. No debug output after pressing the test button on my smoke detector.

This is my controller node.

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