Zigbee2mqtt Groups Scenes in Node-Red

Hallo All
I need some help

In Home Assistant - Zigbee2mqtt I have made a group. In Node-Red I can use the node "call service" and Domain "light" and service "turn_on" to turn the light in the group ON.

In Zigbee2MQTT groups, can I also create scenes. Scenes ID0, ID1, ID2.... and so on.
I just don't know how to call, such a scene in Node-Red. What node to use or what script.

Is there a friend who can help with this?`

Thank you

I think you can use the scene_recall property. I have never used it, so take it as a wild guess - if this is the correct property I find the naming confusing.

In node-red you would use a mqtt-out node, topic: zigbee2mqtt/[GROUP_OR_DEVICE_FRIENDLY_NAME]/set and set the payload to a json object as described in the z2m docs. (eg. {"scene_recall": SCENE_ID})


I don't understand what to do? :-S

When I use the mqtt out it is missing a Server


I have set up Mosquitto broker in Home Assistant., but is it not showing under servers.

The form states: "Add new mqtt-broker"....click the pencil.

I got it to work. Thx for you help

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