Zwave device uknown


It seems that when I'm trying to add a zwave device in node-red the device is unknown and the config file is not correct.

When I do the same in ozwcp everything is working correct.
I think the path to the open zwave db is not correct but I can't seem to find a way to change this.

Is there someone who could help me with this ?

Welcome to the community. You need to give a lot more information to get help. Which hardware are you using? Which nodes?

I'm using a pi 3 with an aeotec zwave stick. In node red I use the zwave-am palette. I have one Eurotronic spirit thermostatic valve.

With ozwcp the info in the xml is correct and everything works correct but when I check the ozwcache xml file for node red it states that my thermostatic valve isn't known in the database. I think the path to the database is not correct but I can't seem to find where you change the path to the database.

If more info is needed I will be glad to provide this. But I'm new to node red.

This one?

Did you restart your host/node-red ?

Yes that is the palette and i also have restarted node red multiple times with no luck.

Did you read this, as highlighted in the nodes installation prerequisites?

yes everything is installed correctly.

The only thing that is different is that my openzwave db directory is not in the usr/etc/openzwave as suggested on the node-red-contrib-openzwave-am page and I think that that is the problem. mine is in the home folder.

That is probably the problem, the node is looking in the wrong place.

Do you have any idea how I can change this because I cannot seem to find this ?