2.0.2 Http Request node header casing lost

After upgrading I've got at least one Http Request node that seems to be broken... It sets up a request message and sets the "Host" header as follows, but the request now fails, claiming I'm not sending that header,

var newMsg = {};
newMsg.url = "";
newMsg.headers = {};
newMsg.headers["Host"] = "";
newMsg.headers["Authorization"] = "Basic HARDCODEDBASICAUTH";
return newMsg;

I see there's a few different tickets open around the Http Request nodes having some oddities right now, does this fit in with one of them?

Edit: Possibly because a case sensitive issue around the header name being toLowercase() here: node-red/21-httprequest.js at master · node-red/node-red · GitHub

Please open an issue on GitHub so we can keep track.


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