2 conditions to launch action

Hi all,
It's me again.

I make a new escape game.

I've 2 gameplay mode, long version and short version.
In the short version i need to activate 6 weighing scale with HX711, this is ok. but at the moment i need to take 2 ways.

When i'm in short mode, i push on the 6 weighing scale and i play video and open the door.

When i'm in long mode, i push on the 6 weighing scale, i open an aisle with relay, i need to push 2 button, start video and open door.

Problem, I don't know how to merge information of the weighing scale and the button.

You can see my flow in this file.
Escape.json (52.0 KB)

See this article in the cookbook for an example of how to join messages into one object.

Once both values are in one object you can check / access both values at the same time.

Thanks again Steve,

I readed this, but, In my flow is not work. when i use join, my action is not divise. For exemple i turn my button in short mode, the message is only "6" and go to in long mode too...

I want this condition :
If my button is in short position (0)and i've "6" take short way.
If my button is in long position (1) and i've "6" take long way.

Actually with join, if i only have 6 or short or long, the action start. And it's not good.

Hi all,

i maked a new version of my flow, but join doesn't work ... when i activate Stone, the signal go in Short and long mode ...

flows.json (58.3 KB)

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