Help with Multiple conditions for actions in my security system

Hello everybody,

I have a question regarding a simple solution to create conditions in a string for my security system.

What i would like to do is simple, "When front door is opened (on/off sensor) & if at that same time my Home assistant security system is armed (armed away), i would to run a HA script. I've got the HA script working fine, it the triggering it correctly that's the problem.

When i put an " Event : state" & "Current state" behind each other in a string, this does not always seem to work. Sometimes is does, other times nothing happens at all.

I have honestly tried every node red forum option that i would find, either it didn't work for my need or it was waaaaay to complicated and i didn't understand it.

Does anyone know a function script and some other way

in the image is the part on my flow that i responsible for what happens when i open my doors. The top two seem to work fine but when i open the front door (voordeur) i cant turn of my security system with my keypad (for some reason). When the door is closed this is possible.

This is not very particle so that why i am looking for another solution.

Hope you can help an Node Red nooby :slight_smile:

Since there has been no response to now , I'll chip in for the B team. One way to achieve your result is to store the front door state and the security state then compare the two. Node red does everything serially so some way you'll have to store at least one state. There are several ways to do it, look at context.set commands and flow.set commands.
When the door opens compare both states then run what ever. If you have other questions ask away.

Thanks for the response, i'm going to give this a try ! :slight_smile:

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