Complete newbie, please help

Hello, new to Home Assistant and Node Red, about a week in, attempting to make a flow that closes my garage door if all of us 3 people living here leave. I have started with an state node, and I see I can add conditions and outputs, and have done debugging and can see how I can add outputs and get locations to change which exit debug message fires. But I don't really understand the input, and i can't seem to get the bottom exit to do anything.

Can I just use one state node and have it only output if all three people are not home?

And I suspect many folk here dont understand either I'm afraid. This looks to be quite a HA specific question so you might get more joy over at the HA forums.

See, I don't even know enough to ask question right lol.. Truthfully I didn't even know node red was for anything other than home assistant. My thinking was that in the case I showed, the output would only happen if all three people were, not home, seemed like a good place to ask but will try there also, thanks

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