How do I do this?

I use home assistant on a raspberry pi, and I have node red installed as an add-on. I want to take some entities (a bunch of booleans) from home assistant and see if any of them are true (using an or gate) and then trigger some actions depending on the result. What's the best way to do this? What types of nodes do I need?

You may want to check this tutorial.

This is very base/beginners knowledge - i suspect you could do with some base knowledge.

I recommend watching this playlist: Node-RED Essentials. The videos are done by the developers of node-red. They're nice & short and to the point. You will understand a whole lot more in about 1 hour. A small investment for a lot of gain.

PS: To answer your question on the "see if any of them are true" question, use a "switch node"

agreed. keep in mind that i just started trying to use node red, and so far i didn't get anywhere.

i'll try that. thanks.

No worries, everyone starts somewhere :slight_smile:

Happy learning.

If you have a second micro SD card, you might find it useful to put RaspiOS and Node-Red on it so that you can get the feel of Node-Red without Home Assistant.

Once you know how a Node-Red flow works and what you can do with it, go back to the Home Assistant environment.

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