Node red and Home assistant


I would like to integrate Home Assistant in my Node red.
Do I need a second raspberry pi where I instal hassio on?



I haven't used but I understand it installs on the Pi as a full custom image. So unless you could also install in the normal Raspbian OS, then you may need another computer to run Node Red on. You could use any Windows, Mac or Linux computer on your network to run Node Red and communicate with MQTT.



There are several ways to install Home Assistant on the Raspberry. I have two Raspberries here. One has my MQTT broker and Node-Red under Raspian Stretch. Home Assistant came later, and I took the easy way to install it on the second Pi by downloading the image from the Home Assistant site.

I had tried to install Home Assistant on Raspian, and gave up in frustration.

Home Assistant on comes with Node-Red, but you can't install nodes that aren't in "Manage Palette". I have some nodes in my primary Node-Red on Raspian that I can't install on the Node-Red in, and vice-versa. As a result, I am running two Node Reds.




I have been using the new emoncms raspberry image and installed Home assistant on that image manual - then added node red - that is running nicely.
Only down side are the benefits the home automation image gives, you have to do manual.