Install Node-RED with Docker or with Node.js or using Home Assistant (Video Tutorial)

This content is for Node-RED beginners where I will show you not one, but three different ways to install Node-RED, so you can choose which one is the best for you. On top I will show you how to integrate Node-RED with Home Assistant.

You may wonder what is Node-RED and why I need this? Or maybe you are currently smiling, because you have Node-RED from years. But It doesn't matter what is your current Node-RED experience I'm sure that you will find something for you in this video.

The Video :red_circle: :movie_camera:

install NR 3 ways-360x200.jpg

If you prefer to read, this is the full Article :writing_hand:

And Web Story specially optimised for mobile devices (insta like) :arrow_down:

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