I'm looking for a teacher - italian language

I would like to learn how to use nodered as a supplement to the home assistant.. I am a Newbie....

Welcome to the forums @merlinorn

We won't cover anything about Home Assistant - as we are not associated to that project in anyway.

As for Node RED It's Self:

I strongly recommend first reviewing the associated materials and YouTube channel

in the following order

Install Documentation


Creating your first flow.

Once a basic understanding has been developed, feel free to ask any questions here.

That is not to say someone here cant get you started, but an understanding of the basics will be of great benefit.

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Just as a follow on to this - the webhook integration between NR and HA (which everyone who uses the two products then installs) - exposes a lot of different features - such as events and states for entities within HA.

The integration also introduces a lot of additional palette nodes to deal with these extra features and as such the majority of people on this forum focus on the NR side and never even see the HA nodes (and hence get exposed to the additional entities)

There is a subforum for NR on the HA forums and i would suggest that would be a better place to start.

The one piece of advice i would give you - do not install the integrated Docker version of NR that they push on the forums and through HACS. They are forever having problems with updates being out of sync with NR itself as well as things breaking in the integraton.

You are far better off installing NR as a standalone system and then adding in the WEB hook integration




I tried to install nodered but the hook web configuration fallied

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