Exporting nodered to home assistant yaml

Hi. new to nodered so be patient please. I have it installed and running on a Rpi with Hasio. When I drag the nodes into the working area and deploy, how do I get the code into Hasio with the correct formatting, spaces etc.


Hi David,

could you explain a little more what you would like to do. I sI presume you refer to: www.home-assistant io?

There are 3 nodes (e.g. https://flows.nodered.org/node/node-red-contrib-home-assistant ) and a sample flow here: https://flows.nodered.org/flow/d3439d33e85b76b5832ac2a0212ef567

You could give it a try by installing the node and copy & paste the flow.

From what I saw in the description: the NodeRED integration isn’t about designing (design as in: floorplan) your home-assist, but to send and receive commands to automate things. Like an incoming message in NodeRED triggers a switch on/off of a light (e.g. Your router signals your departure from home to NodeRED and you switch off all lights).

Makes sense?

Another option if you want to add one more level of abstraction and increase your flexibility is to use a MQTT broker as a communication bus off Node-Red then you can use it to communicate with HomeAssistant and other points of integration. This is assuming you are wanting to use Node-Red as your rules engine for HomeAssistant.

I am taking baby steps with Nodred and have got it installed on the Pi with Home Assistant Hasio with the pallet and the node for HA. I think I have the idea of how to get the info out to the config Yamil file by just selecting all the nodes and exporting it to the clip/b, is that correct?
after doing that the formatting (indenting) seems wrong. Any ideas or am I on the compleatly wrong track here and Nodered replaces the Yamil file. I have a MQTT broker installed.
Thanks guys.

Unless I’m mistaken the Node-RED flow/code cannot be imported into Home Assistant.

What you can do is share data between HA and Node-RED.

Perhaps you could give us a slightly more in depth explanation of what you are trying to achieve.

I am trying to achieve the automating of most of my home devices, lights on at sunset audio control and the like. I have done this to some degree with the Yamil files but would like a more graphic approach to rather than text based. So how do I set Nodred up to talk to H/A.

I’d start by looking at the nodes that @Stwissel suggested or looking into the approach that @rgerrans mentioned.

@david_c This might help. This is a tutorial I put together when I used to be on OpenHab for how to use Node-Red as a replacement rules engine for OH (similar to what it sounds like you are trying to do for HomeAssistant) that I just reposted to these Forums.

Thanks I will give it a go and post my results, be they good or bad.

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