Node-Red and Home Assistant Core

Hi! I would like to know if I've correctly set Node-Red to communicate with Home Assistant Core.
I have seen that almost all the tutorials refer to hassio, while I've installed Home Assistant Core and Node-Red in a full raspbian environment.
I set up Home Assistant with duckdns and ssl.
First, I've installed both node-red-contrib-home-assistant-websocket in NR and hass-node-red in HA via HACS.
Then, I tried to follow the instructions to configure my first node, an "events: state" node.
As first try I set the server properties clicking on "I use the Home Assistant Add-on", but nothing happens (a yellow indicator under the node indefinitely shows "connecting").
So, I set up the server to point the local address (https), and I had to check the option to accept unauthorized ssl certificates, and the node seems to correctly get data from HA, I've created a test flow which pick the status of an entity and notifies its status to the HA mobile app.
Did I do things right?
I don't know if the Node-Red addon for HA is involved in the way NR interacts with HA, since when I checked the "use HA Add-on" it didn't worked for me.
By the way... what should be my next step? Should I now for example secure NR? I don't expose it over the internet, I do everything remotely with VNC.

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