Homeassistant core and node red on docker do not interface

Hi all, I have a perhaps trivial problem but to which I can't find a solution.
I installed homeassistant core and node red on docker.
Both servers work, unfortunately I can't get the node red server to see the homeassistant instances and entities preventing it from developing examples and running tests.
I am attaching some print screens that could help those who are more expert to understand what I have forgotten
Thank you

Sorry, not that many of us use HA in this forum. Still fewer who use it like you are I think. You might get more support from the HA forum?

I have never used HA myself, but doing a simple google search I found this link below, and I realized you're missing the access token on the screenshot you pasted.

Maybe following the set-up guide on this :point_up: article might help you.

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Its a common problem - people do not follow the exact instructions for installation.

It appears that you have installed the Docker add-in for Node red - but have not installed the Webhooks integration to tie both HA and NR together.

Go back to the install instructions you followed and you will see there are steps to also install and enable the webhooks


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No reply in HA forum


Thanks for the reply, this is the article from which I followed the installation steps and no mention is made of webhooks.

Naturally the article is in my Italian language, I read it again as you recommended but nothing.

Where do I start the search? Thanks again

Thanks for the answer, it's the solution I was looking for, simple and fast. the classic egg of Columbus
Thanks again see you next time

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