Extracting NodeRed flows out of broken Hassio

Hello all,

so I have been messing around with NodeRed within Hassio for about a year now. I had an insane amount of trouble with HA from the beginning on and it only got worse - NodeRed however was a delight and never gave me grief! Now my whole Hassio-install shot itself in the head while updating and has been rendered unresponsive. Instead of trying to reinstall this piece of crap i want to go the clean NR-route now and just have NR (and Deconz) running on Raspbian. Obviously i want to save all my flows that i spent hundreds of hours building, so:

Is there any way to extract the Node-Red flows from within the Hassio filesystem and "transplant" them into NR running on Raspbian?

Thank you all in advance!

Will need a Hassio user to step up here also as I don't know exactly where they save the Node-RED install - but there should be a directory called .node-red (with a dot) that then contains all your flows, config and any extra installed nodes. If you need a specific file to search for try cd / && sudo find . -iname .config.json (but make sure you backup all the others as well..

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