Nodes working but not seeing the Flows

I am using node red with Home Assistant Hassio. I have certain automations working but I can’t find the flows/nodes where they are located. I think it has something to do with when I had to uninstalled node-red and then reinstalled it back and imported the flows which I had copied onto a notepad.

I have lights that come on every night at the same time but the original node that created the action is no longer showing.

I have only been using node-red a few months and Home Assistant about 5 months. Suggestions anyone can provide are very much welcomed and appreciated!

I believe Home Assistant Hassio is not Node-Red.

Node-Red can talk to it, and vice versa.

There will be no flows you can see. What you are describing is done inside Hassio.

You can write a flow/code to get Hassio to send messages to Node-Red when it does things and then display the messages using Node-Red.

The automation I created were nodes in node-red. It was not created as an automation in HA. The flow and the node are missing from Node-Red but the action I created in Node-Red (NOT in HA) is still working.

Post the log you get if you stop node red and restart it in a terminal.

Another question, how did you install node red the first time, and how did you uninstall and reinstall it?

Hi @queelyte

there is a known, rare, issue where nodes lose the tab they were on. It sounds like you may have run in to this.

You can confirm this by opening your flows file in a text editor and searching for "z": 0 or "z": "0" (depending on the formatting of your flows file, you may or may not need the space after the :.

If you do see nodes with their z property set to 0 then let me know and I can help you restore them.

The 1.2 release of Node-RED includes a fix in the editor that will help recover the nodes when it detects the issue. We're still not sure what causes it in the first place however.

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Thanks @knolleary. I copied my flows to notepad ++ and did a search. The closest thing I found to what you referred to is “z”:”” . I had five occurrences of that. Do you think that maybe the “0” dosen’t show but the “” (without a number in the middle) shows instead?

Image 10-12-20 at 8.58 PM.jpg

Thank you for your response and help!

Hi @queelyte

yes, a value of "" is also a sign of the issue.

The quick fix is to:

  1. create a new tab in the editor and deploy.
  2. with the tab open in the editor, get its id value - the easy way to do that is to grab it from the url:
  3. edit your flows file, and replace any instance of "z":"" with "z":"<tab id>"
  4. save the file and restart Node-RED.

Knolleary, I updated my node-red in homeassistant Hassio since this thread began. It did not give me an option to fix missing nodes. Should your suggestion below work in the new Node-Red update?

Many thanks for your help!

No idea - has Hassio picked up version 1.2.3 yet ?

Yes, they are now running the 1.2.3 version. (See attached GitHub screenshot).

Hi there! Do you know how to get the new node red version to fix my issue with the hidden nodes that are working?

Thank you!!

No. If it could fix your issue it would do so automatically. For some reason, that isn't happening.

Can you send your flow file to me directly? (click on my username, then 'message' and send it as an attachment.) I'll take a look tomorrow.

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