Nodes working but not seeing the Flows

I am using node red with Home Assistant Hassio. I have certain automations working but I can’t find the flows/nodes where they are located. I think it has something to do with when I had to uninstalled node-red and then reinstalled it back and imported the flows which I had copied onto a notepad.

I have lights that come on every night at the same time but the original node that created the action is no longer showing.

I have only been using node-red a few months and Home Assistant about 5 months. Suggestions anyone can provide are very much welcomed and appreciated!

I believe Home Assistant Hassio is not Node-Red.

Node-Red can talk to it, and vice versa.

There will be no flows you can see. What you are describing is done inside Hassio.

You can write a flow/code to get Hassio to send messages to Node-Red when it does things and then display the messages using Node-Red.

The automation I created were nodes in node-red. It was not created as an automation in HA. The flow and the node are missing from Node-Red but the action I created in Node-Red (NOT in HA) is still working.

Post the log you get if you stop node red and restart it in a terminal.

Another question, how did you install node red the first time, and how did you uninstall and reinstall it?

Hi @queelyte

there is a known, rare, issue where nodes lose the tab they were on. It sounds like you may have run in to this.

You can confirm this by opening your flows file in a text editor and searching for "z": 0 or "z": "0" (depending on the formatting of your flows file, you may or may not need the space after the :.

If you do see nodes with their z property set to 0 then let me know and I can help you restore them.

The 1.2 release of Node-RED includes a fix in the editor that will help recover the nodes when it detects the issue. We're still not sure what causes it in the first place however.

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Thanks @knolleary. I copied my flows to notepad ++ and did a search. The closest thing I found to what you referred to is “z”:”” . I had five occurrences of that. Do you think that maybe the “0” dosen’t show but the “” (without a number in the middle) shows instead?

Image 10-12-20 at 8.58 PM.jpg

Thank you for your response and help!

Hi @queelyte

yes, a value of "" is also a sign of the issue.

The quick fix is to:

  1. create a new tab in the editor and deploy.
  2. with the tab open in the editor, get its id value - the easy way to do that is to grab it from the url:
  3. edit your flows file, and replace any instance of "z":"" with "z":"<tab id>"
  4. save the file and restart Node-RED.