Old Flow - New installation - Ghost nodes

Hello All

Due to several issues I had to install a new Pi with a new installation.

I am just using a old flow. for sure i am now installing the missing nodes. Node red is requiring nodes that albeit I had installed them in the previous setup, I have long ago eliminated the flows.

so now node-red is requiring the nodes, but there is no flow for them? who should I call .... ghosts busters?


Are you sure they are not config nodes that have been left in (so the nodes have been deleted from the flow but the config nodes are still there). Look at Configuration Nodes in the right hand pane for any unused.
If it is not that give us an example of a node that it is waiting for.

I have check the unused nodes and its nothing there

the nodes in question are from some AI node I have tried

  • assessment
  • decision tree classifier
  • predictor
  • create dataset
  • load dataset

Try using the search in the right hand pane to search for those names.

I did .. it says unknown

And when you click on that?

nothing I get no were

Open the flows file in a text editor and search for them by that route.

Found them ... but to remove them i dont know what i have to delete

First, in settings.js set flowFilePretty: true, restart node red, make a small change and re-deploy. Then the file will be formatted nicely and you will be able to see what to delete. It is a json file so it should be obvious. Make a copy before you start obviously. As to why you can't find them in the flows I don't know, someone more knowledgeable would have to comment on that.

hello Colin

Done that .. got rid of these pesky nodes

Thank you .... ghost buster

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@dceejay are we aware of how this situation can arise, with nodes left in the flow but not appearing in the editor?

but they did appear in the editor... the screenshot shows the 'unknown' node has been found when searching. That is a node that needed to be deleted - and I'm sure there would have been others.

But when he clicked on it it did not go anywere, apparently, so he could not find it to delete it. Or do you mean you can delete from the search window?

Though this prompts me to ask a question that I should have asked the first time round. @JoseGodinho, you said that when you clicked it from the search window it went nowhere, what exactly happened when you clicked it? Did it always switch to the same tab but you could not see the node? If so I wonder whether the node was on that tab but off the edge of the window so you could not see it.
If possible perhaps you could restore your previous flow so you could check it out.


when I clicked on the search window it just stayed in the orginal wind flow i was before.
So it "follow" to any new place in the flows.

I minimized all the tabs to see if the node was hidden in any corner

.... just stayed in the orginal flow I was before ...

so it DIDN´t follow

If it was a Configuration node then the tab wouldn't have changed. The Config node side bar should have opened and the node in question highlighted.

but it didin´t

Looking at the screenshot of the flow json, I can see the node you've highlighted has an x and y property which means it is a regular flow node not a config node, but its z property is 0 - which is odd. The z property identifies the tab the node is on. A z of 0 should not be possible, but does explain why it never got displayed.

I don't know of any way the editor would allow that property to be set to 0. So that's a mystery - but does explain why you couldn't find the node.